Every Sunday at 9:30am

  • 219 Hull Road, Mooroolbark
  • Holy Communion on the first Sunday each month
  • Children’s Sunday Activities Program – each week as part of worship

Walmsley Village – Holy Communion every fourth Thursday at 10:30am

Baradine BlueCross Aged Care – Holy Communion every second Thursday at 10:30 am


Into a world full of conflict and fear; into a world where
scarcity abounds in some places, while plenty abounds in
others; into a world still unable to find the balances that
would make for true peace, we bring our light of peace.

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What weapons exist around us that need transformation? Are those weapons public policies or outbursts of hatred and racism? That kind of thing has certainly been in our news this week.

Or what transformation is needed if we offer the welcome mat to those who are fleeing the weapons of war, hatred, racism …?

How can we beat weapons of public policy into useful tools of peace?

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Fear and power are closely linked. Last night in our Messy Church service, we remembered the story of Joseph and Mary as they were getting ready for the birth of Jesus. A Roman edict came out. You must go to the town of your family to be registered in the Census. We remembered that Roman Soldiers were scary. They represented power and the might of an empire that could kill or destroy. It is the world of power that Jesus is born into.

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Be still and know that I am God.

I imagine there are a few sore, stiff and tired people here today after all the work that is St. Margaret’s fete. Today we take stock of what has been achieved, slow down and take some respite, and reflect on the word of God as it is heard here afresh.

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Haggai reports that the people are worn down, fragile, beaten up by the challenges of their world. Over the past few months we have heard of some of those challenges. We recall from Jeremiah the warnings long before the exile to have a right relationship with God. We have heard of the pending exile to Babylon and the inability of the people to even call on God in times of trouble.

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READING    Luke 18: 9-14 The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax-Collector


Yesterday I went down to the potters house, to see what I could see.

Amidst the showers and hail and threat of snow I saw the work of the potter in Warburton, as part of Open Studio. As I was at the potters house to see what I could see – I saw terracotta, and the finest porcelain, massive pots through to the smallest and most amazing translucent pieces.

But as I was at the potters house, sticking close to the kiln because the tin shed held no heat, I was surprised by one thing in particular that I saw.

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READINGS  Luke 18: 1-8 & Jeremiah 31: 27-34


An old gospel song calls on us as Christians to ‘keep your eyes on the prize, hold on’.

I wonder what we imagine the prize of Christian faith to be?

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